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Battery Technology

Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion technology – commonly known as Li-ion – is increasingly being considered by data centre UPS purchasers, as awareness grows of its benefits in comparison with traditional VRLA equivalents. However, before making a decision it is important also to be aware of its drawbacks.

  • High cycle life
  • Smaller size
  • Lower weight
  • High charge efficiency
  • Excellent partial state of charge tolerance
  • Low self-discharge rate allows for longer shelf life in storage
  • Good high- and low-temperature performance
  • No gas emissions

Li-ion +

  • Significantly more expensive for very high performances applications
  • Requires a battery management system for safe charging/discharging
  • Different floating/charging voltage settings from VRLA batteries
  • Unproven service life – Mean Time Before Failure of electronic components must be factored in
  • Higher charging capacity required at increased cost
  • Shipping restrictions due to classification as hazardous
  • Immature recycling infrastructure

Li-ion –

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