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Battery Technology


Lead-Acid battery technology dominates the data centre sector, with over 90% of UPS using this type of battery. Most are absorbent glass mat (AGM) or gel – a design that has been available for many years. However, a more recent development – Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) – offers a more advanced version of Lead-Acid technology.

  • Up to 43% energy reduction compared with traditional VRLA batteries
  • Operates at higher temperatures - Reducing air conditioning requirements
  • Very short recharge times and time to repeat duty - Reduces vulnerability to repeated mains blackouts
  • 12+ years design life - Equivalent to 8-10 years’ service life
  • 25% longer service life compared with traditional VRLA batteries
  • Increased storage life – From 6 to 24 months, due to low self-discharge rates
  • Reduced replacement costs through low internal corrosion rates
  • No shipping restrictions – Classified as non-hazardous for all transportation modes
  • 95% recyclable through an established infrastructure
  • No need for a battery management system for safe operation


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